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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

~ Invasion of the E-cards ~

My e-mail box has become the scene of the newest drama in our home ~ the Invasion of The E-cards.

It all started with one little card from my son (when he was supposed to be studying). Then, of course, if one does it, then all 4 have to do it. Then sending cards to mommy wasn't enough...they each had to send one to each other. You do the math ~ 4 kids each sending cards to each of their siblings ~ yes, can you see why my box is full of them? Oh yeah, I forgot that daddy got involved, so, dad is now sending cards to each of them, sometimes 2 a day, plus, they have to top each other to send the coolest card with the best game or funniest bodily function sounds. So, let's see, I have seen a dancing skeleton jitterbug himself to the bathroom, a weird looking burping creature gobble candy corn, an interrupting ghost interrupt a knock-knock joke (our favorite), and, well, you get the idea.

But, I have to say it has been a welling-up-with-pride-mommy-moment to see the care the kids are putting into the cards they send, and the notes they leave for each other at the end of the dancing, burping, interrupting, or singing card. As the cards are opened, you can see the excitement in the sender and the receiver. I think I should probably print those words off and hang them on the fridge for those moments that are not welling-up-with-pride-mommy-moments :)

So, if you have a few minutes, send an e-card to someone today ~ if we can find a dancing skeleton that goes to the bathroom, you can find a perfect card too :) The cards can be found at Hallmark.com - they are free, and, they bring a smile to brighten a day.

(Be sure to check out the interrupting ghost halloween card and Hoops & Yo-Yo, especially if you have kids. If you are a picture-taking mommy, check out the Mama's Little Vampire-that has been sent to me by each of the kids - do I really sound like that? :) )


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